Sunday, 24 June 2012

Arrived safe and well after a long journey.  Everyone having a great time.  Richard and I working so hard to get photographs prepared so that we can show you where we've all been over the last few days.


  1. Sitting here listening to Richard singing and playing Chuck's guitar while Doug(ie) and I wander around on the computer. What a great visit we're having. We are so lucky to have such wonderful guests here for a few days!

  2. Good bye to a wonderful group of Scottish guests. Your stay wasn't long enough.
    We were so impressed with how courteous, thoughtful, and well-behaved all the kids were. And the teachers?! Polite, thoughtful, and easy going also. In addition, they say laughing is good for your health. Well, the teachers gave us a large enough dose of laughter to keep us healthy for the rest of 2012!
    We welcome all of you back any time!
    We hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Best wishes from Sue Hammond and all the Martinez area host families

  3. What a wonderful time we had hosting our new friends from Dunbar. They danced in the ocean, played in the waves. We crossed the golden gate, cruised under the bay on BART trains, looked at the city from high in the Berkeley hills, then ate a tasty brunch on the streets of the college town.

    Wandered the Rasputin Record store, hung out with pop star Bobby Brown ( for a brief moment!). Spent a warm Sunday in San Francisco taking in the friendly and often wild images of an SF Pride Parade and wandered the halls of a nearby mall. In other words... just scratched the surface of the Bay Area. Wrapped it all up with an evening of singing, dancing, and relaxing with our new pals.

    Here's hoping the time in Yosemite is splendid. We will miss you all! Looking forward to seeing you on your home turf someday. Any time you want to swing by here again, you're welcome at our place.

    Jeff, Lisa, Noah and Ruby Songster

  4. We had an amazing time with our hosts, Loretta and Robert, in Martinez. Sara was also amazing! We experienced lots of enjoyable things and we will never forget the few days we spent with them. We'll definitely stay in touch!
    (HEY MUM!)
    Rachael and Rebecca x