Sunday, 24 June 2012

First day in Martinez


  1. The Californians laid on some great Scottish weather for us on our visit to Muir Woods. The plastic ponchos are really classy. The Redwoods were stunning in the rain though. A great way to get over jet lag. The weather perked up for the visit to John Muir's house. The hospitality here is fantastic. Our hosts have really made us welcome. Thank you Martinez.

  2. The barbecue at the Leman's was great tonight. Thank you for being such brilliant hosts. There was dancing and live music. Well done Liam and Sally for providing the highlights. We'll post more photos tomorrow. We have to be up early to catch the train for Yosemite.

  3. Aww we miss you guys! Hope you're having an awesome time!

    Samantha x

  4. Hi all,

    Looks like you are having a great time. Hope you are enjoying Yosemite its an amazing place I am very jealous.
    Looking forward to seeing fab photos of Half Dome and the beautiful scenery.
    Miss W